Ann Arbor has long been recognized as one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in the Midwest.  In fact, Ann Arbor has been ranked by Money Magazine as being one of the top 10 places to live in the United States.


Ann Arbor enjoys national fame for being the home of the University of Michigan, a true center of excellence in education.  Students, alumni, residents, and people from all over the country flock to the Big House, to cheer on the Wolverines.


Downtown Ann Arbor is rich in culture, with the Art Center, art studios, specialty shops, boutiques and museums. The annual 4-day Ann Arbor Art Fair is one of the most fun cultural events of the summer. Another not to be missed event is the summer festival. However, Ann Arbor is a wonderful place to be during the spring, fall, and winter as well as one can experience the joy of the changing of the seasons. Whether it’s the spectacular foliage in the fall or the pristine white snow in the winter, the weather enhances the lovely scenery that helps define Ann Arbor.


Ann Arbor has many fine restaurants, both casual and formal, as well as coffee shops and taverns.  Its sidewalk cafes grace the streets of Down Town in the summer time, making it a favorite place to gather with friends.


Ann Arbor has beautiful parks for those who enjoy the great outdoors. Make sure to visit the Matthaei botanical gardens and Nichols Arboretum


Ann Arbor's real estate market provides a wide array of desirable homes, both within the city and in surrounding subdivisions.  The home buyer can find starter homes, moderately priced homes and luxury homes. 


There is something for everyone in Ann Arbor.