Napoleon and surrounding Napoleon Township offer a great combination to home
buyers: a place to live that’s quiet, but close to all the necessities and entertainment resources
families need.
Easy access to Brooklyn and Jackson makes a host of amenities available to residents.
From the natural beauty of the Irish Hills area to the man-made wonders of the Cascades, it’s all
within easy reach of Napoleon. Shopping and dining options abound too, from the Napoleon
Cafe and Aggie’s Sports Bar within Napoleon to the options offered by its larger neighbors. And
for lovers of the outdoors, Napoleon is also within a short drive of several state and county
parks, some of which offer access Wolf Lake for fun on the water.
Families searching for a peaceful country home in Jackson County are sure to find
something to suit their needs in the Napoleon area. Whether in the town itself or the
surrounding township, the possibilities are vast, and the perfect option for virtually any living
situation can be found.